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domenica 18 settembre 2016

Eric David Kroll (born October 23, 1946 in New York City) Photographer

Eric Kroll

Eric David Kroll (born October 23, 1946 in New York City) is a fetish photographer and book editor who has lived in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He is currently living in Tucson, Arizona.


Eric Kroll has published some collections ("Fetish Girls" and "Beauty Parade"), composed introductions for influential works such as the compiled two-volume "Bizarre" collection and some Taschen folios.

Books by Eric Kroll

  • “Sex Objects”, Addison House, 1977.
  • "Fetish Girls", Taschen, 1994.
  • "Beauty Parade", Taschen, 1997.
  • "The Transformations of Gwen", NBM Publishing, 2000.
  • "The Transformations of Gwen, Volume 2", NBM Publishing, 2001. ISBN 1-56163-304-6

Books edited by Eric Kroll

  • "The Art of Eric Stanton", a volume dedicated to the artwork of Eric Stanton, Taschen, 1996.
  • "The Wonderful World of Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls", Taschen, 2003. ISBN 3-8228-1290-0
  • "The New Erotic Photography", Taschen, 2007. Co-edited with Dian Hanson.

Madonna at Danceteria 2
Black and White photo, 8x10in

Baltimore, 1973
Black and White photo, 8x10in

Dondi, 1983
Black and White photo, 11x14in

Keith Haring, Fun Gallery, 1984
C-Print, 8x10in 

 Punk Rocker Fan at CBGB's, 1977
Black and White photo, 8x10in

 Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys, 1977
Black and White photo, 8x10in

 Debbie harry, 1977
Black and White photo, 8x10in

 Bianca Jagger, Barushnikov and Mick Jagger, 1977
Black and White photo, 8x10in

Leslie at the Fun Gallery, 1984
Black and white photo, 11x14in

 Eric Kroll, Extreme Heels, 1988

Kenny Scharf at the Fun gallery, 1989
Black and White photo, 11x14in 

 Eric Kroll, Soriyama, 1992

Eric Kroll Anya Smokes with her Feet éd Taschen 1994 Contortionniste Contorsionnisme Erotisme Curiosa

Photo from Classic - europe july 07

Keith Haring and patti Astor at the Fun Gallery,
Black and White photo, 11x14in

Black and White photo, 8x10in

Madonna at Danceteria 1
Black and White photo, 8x10in 

Barbara Butterfly
Black and White photo, 8x10in  

Fetish Bride Postcard
Eric Kroll Photographer 

Helena is Special

siamese pantiesa 

George Bernard Shaw Drank Mother's Milk In His Coffee Every Morning

 Aspen School of Bondage

 Girlfriend As Bird Feeder

Melanie Sits

Melanie Sucks Off An Agave In My Side Yard
Penis Envy
 What's So Funny About My Mouth Guard And Jammies
 A Bandage Not Bondage Fetish
 Chantel Preferred The Beaver Over Me

 Kachina About To Go To Bonadage A Go Go
 The First time Naomi and I Were Together
 Find The Host
 Helena in desert
 double pantyhose
 helena raising skirt
 Bunniie staples
 boundbyseaweed,coveredby a tortilla
 fat girl with hairy pussy seeks hock-up

beautiful Amy lost in thought

Sammy as team booster

Isabella tries to keep upright a sagging Lystra

Luh hiding her achne just b4 she left

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