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domenica 31 dicembre 2017

Daredevil v2 Issue 24 Page 4 Artists: Dave Ross (Penciller) , Mark Pennington (Inker)

Daredevil v2 Issue 24 Page 4

Artists: Dave Ross (Penciller) ,  Mark Pennington (Inker) 
Pen and Ink

Welcome to Ivory Coast

Abidjan in Motion (4K) - Ivory Coast / Côte d’Ivoire

Abidjan in Motion (4K) - Ivory Coast / Côte d'Ivoire
Yenoukoume AkpoviYenoukoume Akpov

Please watch in 1080p, 2K or 4K resolution and full screen!
Abidjan in Motion, a tour around Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa) in timelapse / hyperlapse
For almost a year we didn't make any videos. We expected a great opportunity while being impatient ... In this video, discover the city of Abidjan (main city of Ivory Coast) through an energetic tour. Enjoy it!
This video of Abidjan was done with timelapse and hyperlapse techniques (15 days of shooting, more than 45,000 photos and 15 days of video editing).
Shot & Edited by: Yenoukoume Akpovi
© 2016. All rights reserved.
We are a creative little agency. Here is a selection of our Latest Works.
Please don't repost or use our artwork without any permission. Thank you.
Licensing, project quotes or questions please contact us at:


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Ivory Coast Mothers and Children
Tremble TrembleTremble Tremble

Sexual Mutilation - Ivory Coast - YouTube
20 set 2016 - Caricato da Planet Doc Full Documentaries
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Sexxy Dance by An Ivory Coast Girly, A sex Symbol, Sexxy Dance ...
4 ago 2015 - Caricato da AdaawaTV
This is a sexy dance by An Ivory Coast Girly, A sex Symbol,Sexxy Dance, IT IS A MUST WATCH. ENJOY ...

Girls Nightclub - Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.mp4 - YouTube
6 ott 2010 - Caricato da esadie225
Cote d'Ivoire : démonstration de danse de la ''CONGOLAISE'' à la Rue Princess Yopougon - Duration: 8:36 ...

Senufo Women - Ivory Coast - YouTube
27 set 2016 - Caricato da Planet Doc Full Documentaries
Deepest, ancient Africa is still to be seen everywhere. Though external influences are greater each day ...

« Go de nuit », les visages de la prostitution à Abidjan - YouTube
8 dic 2011 - Caricato da Politis Fr
Diaporama sonore. Éliane de Latour, anthropologue et cinéaste, a photographié les jeunes prostituées des ...

Streets & People of Abidjan. IVORY COAST (Côte d'Ivoire). West Africa ...
5 feb 2012 - Caricato da ShootAllPeople
Ivory Coast's Danané and Abidjan, Australian tourist on a motorcycle. Neighbourhoods: 0:12 Dix-Huit ...

18 ago 2012 - Caricato da Dac G BeatMaking Pro

Strip Tease nightclub 2 -soft - YouTube
3 giu 2008 - Caricato da maddymonroe
NO nudity..JUST fun*i had to cut the total nudity part out*

9 gen 2012 - Caricato da Radiodiffusion Télévision Ivoirienne
Mdrr non enfait ta pas tort, sur un point les Ivoiriennes c'est comme l'argent en Cote d'ivoire, il y a pas de ...

Welcome to Ivory Coast

Masters of African Art: Ivory Coast 1
Masters of African Art: Ivory Coast 1
Mischa TwitchinMischa Twitchin

Green Lantern v3 Issue 137 Cover Artists: Darryl Banks (Penciller) , Rich Faber (Inker)

Green Lantern v3 Issue 137 Cover

Artists: Darryl Banks (Penciller) ,  Rich Faber (Inker) 
 Pen and Ink

ITALY:The Joys of Sex During the (Economic) Slowdown

The Joys of Sex During the (Economic) Slowdown

The Joys of Sex During the (Economic) Slowdown

Read the full story -->
In grimy yet gorgeous Naples, Italy, unemployment among young people is over 50 percent, stunting the development of a generation. This is about men and women younger than 40 who have been forced to go on living with their parents, or even their grandparents.
Of course, privacy is an issue, and for the first time since the advent of birth control and rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, sons and daughters are having sex in their cars. Only there is a crucial difference: Back then a newly empowered teen culture discovering sexuality en masse dovetailed with the beginnings of a great commercial car market. Now it’s a matter of socioeconomics and a profound lack of opportunity (and privacy). Also, the kids aren’t so young anymore.

Green Lantern v3 Issue 140 Page 11 Artists: Darryl Banks (Penciller) , Rich Faber (Inker)

Green Lantern v3 Issue 140 Page 11

Artists: Darryl Banks (Penciller) ,  Rich Faber (Inker) 
Pen and Ink

One Night in Israel

Size Doesn’t Matter - Israel: Small Country, Big Pride

Israel: Where love has no Boundaries. Israel's progressive stance on the rights of the LGBTQ community has made it one of the world's top travel destinations. Every year, Tel Aviv plays host to one of the world's largest Pride Parade
* 1988 -- Knesset decriminalizes homosexuality
* 1992 -- Knesset prohibits sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace
* 1993 -- Knesset establishes special sub-committee on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual rights.
* 1993 -- IDF rescinds regulations discriminating against sexual minorities
* 1994 -- Supreme court recognizes same-sex partner benefits in private sector
* 1997 -- Same-sex partner benefits extended to public sector
* 1997 -- Ban on TV discussion on homosexuality overturned
* 2000 -- Age of consent lowered
* 2000- Recognition of same-sex partner as adoptive parent
* 2006 -- Gay marriages abroad recognized in Israel

Bande-annonce du film Would you have sex with an arab ? de Yolande Zauberman

Bande-annonce du film Would you have sex with an arab ? de Yolande Zauberman
Les Oncles Singes ProductionsLes Oncles Singes Productions

Un voyage dans la nuit, de rencontres en rencontres, des bars de Tel-Aviv aux ruelles de Jérusalem. On s'embarque sur un tapis volant. Dans les boites de nuit, on danse, on rit, on s’amuse. Le lever du jour sur le son techno d’une rave party en plein air. Et pour finir, un baiser inouï sur la plage. Un premier baiser. Des Juifs, des Arabes, tous citoyens d’un même pays. Israël. Aucun mur ne les sépare. Un Israélien sur cinq est arabe. Et pourtant… Une simple question vient prendre tout le monde par surprise.
Aux uns : "Would You Have Sex With an Arab?"
Aux autres: "Would You Have Sex With An Israeli Jew?"
Ils ne s’y attendent pas. Troublés, ils rient, hésitent, improvisent, s’étonnent de leurs propres réactions. Beaucoup n’y avaient même pas pensé. Être ensemble ? Une barrière invisible apparaît. Le désir, aussi. Peut-être…

I Was a Jewish Sex Worker - Trailer #1

I Was a Jewish Sex Worker
will screen at the Billy Wilder Theater. 10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 7:30 PM.
This film is rarely screened and is not available on DVD.
The screening is part of the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project Screening Series, sponsored by the UCLA Film Archive.
For tickets, please visit:
Additional info:
Music is licensed through NMC Music, Ltd, Israel.

SDM Presents: Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2012 (LGBTQ Pride in Israel)

SDM Presents: Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2012 (LGBTQ Pride in Israel)
Size Doesn't MatterSize Doesn't Matter

La prostitution en Israel - YouTube
25 lug 2008 - Caricato da Killzio
Voila une video instructive sur la prostitution et la traite des femmes en israel. la "seule démocratie du moyen ...

Red Lights - Israel - YouTube
12 lug 2006 - Caricato da mrkuyamandla
Prostitution - Life In Zona Norte - Tijuana Mexico - Duration: 7:12. 2Morrows 866,683 views · 7:12 · Amsterdam ...

Slavery Of Young Slavic Women In Tel Aviv, Israel (Israeli Programme ...
12 nov 2015 - Caricato da SLAVIC WORLD
Over 4,000 young, beautiful Slavic girls are lured to Israel every given year, under the false pretense of getting ...

Russian crazy party at Night Club. Tel-Aviv. Israel - YouTube
6 dic 2006 - Caricato da Sasha Lander
Look at Hot Russian party at Night Club. Tel-Aviv. Israel מסיבה במועדון לילה בתל-אביב.

Cool crazy party in Israel night club. Cool girls in tel-aviv - YouTube
10 dic 2006 - Caricato da Sasha Lander
crazy party - fashion models - israel tel-aviv.

Israeli beach scene.... - YouTube
5 set 2010 - Caricato da rehovbograshov
Looked like a normal day at the beach until it all went a big crazy.

Israeli pool party (israeli women beautiful bikini girls israel raves ...
20 apr 2015 - Caricato da zig123ize
A pool party for university students on south israel. (israel raves rave bikini girls parties beach swimsuits ...

#I Love Israel Movies - Sexy couple at the beach - YouTube
18 set 2015 - Caricato da ILove IsraelMovies
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Voyeuchamp- Topless Beach 139, Free Clips4Sale Porn Video 7b
A little tase of two Israeli chicks going topless in tiny thongs. The blonde rubs lotion all over her firm tits and .

Eilat, Israel #2 - Red Sea beach - YouTube
11 lug 2011 - Caricato da Cdn joe
The beaches are always full because of the very hot weather. It seldom rains here so if you want a vacation ...

Pashut - Just be naked festival - YouTube
8 feb 2016 - Caricato da ashrambamidbar
Pashut Festival- a naturist gathering and celebration which will take place in a beautiful desert oasis in Israel ...

British director Yoni Lapping explores the youth cultures of Israel, including the Arab Trap Rappers PNGWNG CRU, the Jerusalem Skater Girls (J.S.G.), and clubgoers at a heady, pulsating night in Tel Aviv. Read more on NOWNESS -

POW! WOW! WorldwidePOW! WOW! Worldwide