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giovedì 31 agosto 2017

Leo - Bételgeuse - T4 : Les cavernes - Page 16 Artist: Leo (Penciller)

Leo - Bételgeuse - T4 : Les cavernes - Page 16

Artist:  Leo (Penciller) 
 Tome 4 de “Bételgeuse” : “Les cavernes”. Ink on carton board. 61 cm * 44.5 cm (24" * 17.5").

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Spike Trotman American cartoonist and publisher

Charlie "Spike" Trotman

Charlie "Spike" Trotman è un fumettista e un editore americano. È conosciuta per aver creato il fumetto web Templar, Arizona, e per aver pubblicato le antologie di Smut Peddler di quello che descrive come "porn ladycentric".  È titolare di Iron Circus Comics.

Charlie "Spike" Trotman is an American cartoonist and publisher. She is known for creating the long-running web comic Templar, Arizona, and for publishing the Smut Peddler anthologies of what she describe as "ladycentric porn" She is the owner of Iron Circus Comics.


Trotman was admitted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000.
Her first online publication was Templar, Arizona, which she began serializing in 2005. She won the Rising Star Award for this series in the 2007 Glyph Comics Awards. She ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2009 to fund a print edition of the series, which has since become a standard part of her business model.
In 2012 she revived the title Smut Peddler, an anthology featuring erotic comics created by women, primarily for a female readership. (Male cartoonists may work on stories submitted for the books, but only as part of a creative team involving at least one woman.) She published a second volume in 2014.
Other things she is known for include editing the horror anthology Sleep of Reason, and writing the Poorcraft instructional books illustrated by Diana Nock
She founded her own publishing company Iron Circus Comics, which she has since used to also publish works by other creators, including print editions of The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal by E.K. Weaver, and Shadoweyes by Sophie Campbell.