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mercoledì 18 luglio 2018

ALEX ROSS - Astro city #14

ALEX ROSS - Astro city #14 

Paint - Watercolor


Andu Ava (born 6th February 1988) in Bucharest Romania Artist

Andu Ava

Andu Ava (born 6th February 1988) in Bucharest Romania. Andu is a young artist currently working and painting in London, continuously developing his own obsession with experimental art. Believing in “Real beauty is found in the small imperfections of a woman”, his latest work explores his intention to break the matrix of beauty dictated by the popular culture.

   Andu’s own artistic expressions of erotic thematic are easily found in his figurative paintings. His first solo exhibition at the age of 16 - “Duality - Personal Conflicts” was the first time he exposed his obsession of human flesh, with bluntness and foremost honesty that shocked the City of Iasi.

   During 2007 - 2010, Andu Ava studied at the University of Fine Arts (Bucharest, Romania). It was there, whilst he developed and defined artistic skills, he also became one of the most controversial names known to his peers for creating bold statements, true to his own passion of all he wishes to show the world, never holding back at all costs.

   His graduation exhibition : “Damnatio Memoriae” - a complex composition of 24 characters on a 6 sqm canvas, depicting a Roman orgy, a metaphor that reflected today’s society. This exhibition captured the attention of Art Critic & Collector Radu Calin Georgescu. Radu wrote about Andu in his book (“Brief Hermeneutics of nude in Romanian Art”) “A unique talent, atypical for his heritage. Young, but a mature artist with the guts and talent to shake any audience”. Later that year, Andu left Bucharest for Italy with a full scholarship for MA at Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Venezia.

During his time in Venice, Andu flourished without the confinement of the Eastern European boundaries. He fell in love with the city, with its excitement “The lights here are magical. They can turn public spaces into the most intimate stage plays” he recalls of that time.

Following the disappointment and rejection to exhibit at the Venice Biennale of Art due to his subjects and with dedication and belief in his own work, Andu went on to hijack it with his own happening entitled “Pudency” during the Opening of Venice Biennale of Art in the Summer of 2011. “Pudency” captivated the audiences and VBA, they later voted his happening the top 10 best performances of the year. “Pudency” also earned Andu an arrest and an invitation from the Romanian Cultural Institute to have his solo show entitled “Diana’s Venetian Diary”, taken part of the Biennale of Art.

The chubby models in “Diana’s Venetian Diary” proven another success, they became a trademark. But Andu’s chubby models are more than meets the eye, they are metaphors of the contemporary human. An iconic image of the “homo-videns” - the social animal caught in the consumerism époque.

Andu obsessively represents human flesh as a chunk of meat in the struggle between sacred and profane, spiritual and carnal, pleasure and pain, desire and lust, beauty and ugliness.

The same year following “Pudency” & “Diana’s Venetian Diary”, he anticipated in a group exhibition with the group “Corvus” in New York commemorating 10 years from 9.11 at Caelum Gallery (Chelsea, NY).

In 2013, “Shock Therapy” was exhibited for one of the privately held events for Venice Film Festival. “Shock Therapy” pushes the boundaries further of an explicit series of paintings and drawings that showcases gay erotic scenes, using big surfaces as much as 200x150cm. The exhibition attracted Art Critic & Curator Emanuelle Horodniceanu’s attention. He invited Andu to be a part of Bistrot de Venise Collective, where later he would exhibit in 2014 “Anima Martyr- Diary of Maria Cenusa”.

“Animal Martyr- Diary of Maria Cenusa” shown a different perspective of Andu’s usual style which had never been displayed before. Andu proposed a different vision of the human body: an instrument for the salvation of the soul with a series of 14 drawings that illustrates the story of a real diary written by one of the Romanian victims of Communism.

“I am fascinated by the transfiguration of the body that happens in the cases of Martyrs. The Sins are washed away by the terrible pain, the strength is found in their weaknesses and the most prolific aspect is their withstanding against something that crosses their belief ready to die to defend it. Maria Cenusa stood alone against the merciless Communist Party and defended everything she loved” - Andu explains at the Opening of the Solo Show, 2014, Venice IT.

Having explored the full extent of his playful yet challenging time at Venice. He left for London later in 2014.

London saw Andu reaching towards personal and artistic maturity. Allowing sensuality overtaking to become his new obsession.

Since 2015, Andu began to explore and is in search for the female beauty with sketches for “Anima Mundi”. A mixture of personal love stories with new visions of old Greek myths to create a counter-perspective of feminine beauty.






Project 20: Romanian Revolution

Damnatio Memoriae

by Andu Ava


Danae,dimension100-120cm,acrylic on canvas

 Kronos, 200-150cm, oil on canvas

Dionisos,dimension 130-100cm,acrylic on canvas

The Muses,dimension100-120cm,acrylic on canvas 

Muses, acryl on canvas, 100-130cm

Optima Fides, 150-150cm, acryl on canvas

self portrait ( Medusa), 120-120cm, oil on canvas
by Andu Ava
self portrait, 120-120cm, oil on canvas
self portrait, oil on canvas

 by Andu Ava
© 2018 by Andu Ava. All Rights Reserved


Anima Mundi 2018 Andu Ava

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Hijacking Venice Biennale 2011

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Andu Ava: A night in the studio

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Andu Ava - Diary of Maria Cenusa

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Andu Ava - Studio in Venice

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Diana's Venetian Diary- Andu Ava

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Damnatio Memoriae - Andu Ava

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Andu Ava - 15 august 2005

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CORVUS - Andu Ava

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Diana's Venetian Diary
by Andu Ava

I was a virgin - Andu Ava
129/144 cm, oil on canvas

 When she was gone - Andu Ava
137/103 cm, oil on canvas

 Blinded - Andu Ava
88/130 cm, oil on canvas

 What am I - Andu Ava
123/123 cm, oil on canvas

 Diana's dream - Andu Ava
153/116 cm, oil on canvas

I love - Andu Ava
135/105 cm, oil on canvas

 The kiss - Andu Ava
110/204 cm, oil on canvas

Shock Theraphy
by Andu Ava

Untitled - Andu Ava
150/200 cm, oil on canvas

Untitled - Andu Ava
150/200 cm, oil on canvas

Untitled - Andu Ava
150/200 cm, oil on canvas

 Diary of Maria Cenusa
by Andu Ava


 Untitled - Andu Ava
A3, crayon on paper

  Untitled - Andu Ava
A3, crayon on paper

  Untitled - Andu Ava
A3, crayon on paper

Untitled - Andu Ava
A3, crayon on paper

 Sensual: Diary pages

Anima Mundi





 Andu Ava

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