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venerdì 3 marzo 2017

Without Borders - Germany


German Woman Drinking Beer



Greek-German Woman Beaten Harshly During Greece-Germany Football Match

 DARMSTADT, Germany: (Translation by, J. Schuyler Montague) – In Darmstadt, many women have been sexually assaulted by asylum seekers during a city festival. So far, 18 women have come forward to report being attacked to the police, stated the police headquarters of southern Hesse on Monday. The women were mostly of a young age. During the festival, three victims of Sexual attacks had complained to the police that they had been sexually-assaulted and sexually-harassed by “men from the region of South Asia.” [Code for: Middle-Eastern Muslims]

  "Traummann gesucht" - Deutsche Frauen auf Jagd im Ausland


Tatjana Bpatitz

Allies raped hundreds of thousands of German women after WW2


 GERMANY: New revelations about the horrific extent of the Muslim sexual attacks on German women, covered up by the government media complex
The list of disgusting crimes reported in German cities run to a staggering 821 complaints, and range from sexual assaults to rapes and even gang rapes on New Year’s Eve by Muslim migrant invaders.

Anti-Nazi-Protest: Die Aktivistinnen von Femen vergangenen Februar in Berlin.  

German women battle for 'no means no' in rape law

Deutsche Frauen Nationalmannschaft Playboy nackt

Willkommen In Deutschland by robkatehall

 Asiatischer mann und deutsche frau? 

German Women, fighting spirit and wisdom

Nordpark, Wuppertal
 Oedlerteich at sunset, Kirchspiel, Dülmen, North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany
 Dietmar Rabich - Own work

Japanese flowering cherry (Prunus serrulata) in Sentmaring park, Münster, North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany
Dietmar Rabich - Own work
 Sunset at beach “Weststrand” of Norderney, Lower Saxony, Germany
 Dietmar Rabich - Own work

Fernsehturm (TV tower), Berlin, Germany
Diego Delso
  Aktstudie Lowkey 
Ralf Roletschek (talk) - Fahrradtechnik auf - Own work
Female art nude
Taxiarchos228 - Own work


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