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venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Adult Action Fantasy Featuring: Tawny’s Tales 1990 - 1991

Adult Action Fantasy Featuring: Tawny’s Tales


Adult Action Fantasy Featuring Tawny's Tales. -- Metairie,
   LA. : Louisiana Leisure Print Distributors, 1990 - 1991

 The host of Tawny’s Tales enjoys dressing provocatively (or not at all) as he introduces  of ribaldry mocking popular comic book genres. Like a risqué--and better looking--Crypt Keeper, our host shares pointed satires such as a starship captain who can’t keep his pants zipped, lusty supervillains who overpower heroes by the size of their genitalia, and female barbarians who are looking for something other than a fight. Add many willing models over 18 and Tawny has some very steamy tales to tell indeed.

Tawny’s Tales are funny, well-drawn, and not for children.





Adult Action Fantasy: Tawny's Tales Issue #2 Page 1 
Artist: The Kid  (All)

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