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mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

The Adventures of Olivia. -- Irving, TX : Jabberwocky Graphix, 1989

The Adventures Of Olivia

     "The Olivia artists really know how to draw fresh looking, mega-boobed women in penetrating positions and can write entertaining stories." "..every issue is worth the wait." SCORE MAGAZINE
    "The art is skillful and highly erotic, and the stories are actually well-plotted & witty....not even an eight-foot-long dick phases insatiable Olivia and her friend." SWANK'S D-CUP
    "... starring a huge-bosomed nymphomaniac who will do anything (and does), continues to be one of the most adventurous comic books going today....Our favorite comic book..." JOE BOB BRIGGS
    "...more sex than any human being should be able to stand!...This is probably a must-have for fans of Big Ones."POOPSHEET
    "...outrageous, good-natured sexual send-up bulges with mammoth mammaries and monster members, all wrapped around wanton social satire with lotsa clever humor...well written and drawn." FACE MAGAZINE
    "Artwork is pristine... replete with sexual positions and risqué situations. One of the best offerings from the adult press..." "...the anatomy is exaggerated and the women sultry." THE COMICIST
    "Olivia is a humongously proportioned comic-book heroine who, together with her naughty sidekicks, gets down and dirty...that's quite an endorsement." HUSTLER BUSTY BEAUTIES
    "...good clean dirty fun...doesn't glorify rape and other...abuse as some other publishers have done....if you like Cherry, you'll almost certainly like this..." COMICS BUYERS GUIDE
    "...Olivia is a very readable strip, and the hardcore sex is very well done–especially in Vol. 4. There's lesbian sex, group sex, doggie-style sex, old people sex–more sex than you can shake a stick (or boner) at." ADULT VIDEO NEWS
     "...women & men using the hottest, most provocative turn-on language possible as they perform sexual aerobics...""...realistic XXX-rated orgasmic action and hot, gushy dialogue...rank amongst our Most Highly Recommended." EIDOS MAGAZINE
    "The art is beautiful, big and detailed...This one you should definitely try out." "Fantasy taken to some artistic extremes here." "A monument to male breast fantasies." FACTSHEET FIVE
    "Lets loose once more breasts, babes and buddies...humping your brain out–the real thing? Yeah!!"EXTREME MAGAZINE

  The Adventures Of Olivia #1 released by Jabberwocky Graphix

  The Adventures Of Olivia #2 released by Jabberwocky Graphix
  There is a trio of titillating tales this issue from Outlaw and Foster. First up, Olivia and her filthy-rich friend Sylvia climb their own private beanstalk to the clouds. At first Sylvia manages to lose control over the piles of gold they find, but when the angry giant shows up, he confesses the real reason he is so angry, and the ever-helpful Olivia decides the two gals together could probably help him out with his unique "problem". Then Olivia and Mi-Hy take a life-drawing course, where they manage to get quite a rise from the male model, much to the artistic impression of the rest of their class. And finally, lovely door-to-door saleslady Lupé demonstrates the full range of deep-penetrating products offered by Relaxo Products to (and with) lucky Olivia and Sandy.

  The Adventures Of Olivia #3 released by Jabberwocky Graphix
 Olivia inherits a huge old mansion from her mysterious long-lost uncle, but the will stipulates that she must spend Halloween night there. (Of course!) She brings along Mi-Hy and Penny to keep from getting lonely and, of course, various monster types show up. But this isn't your usual group of house sitters, and our sexy ladies inject some hot-blooded lust into the lives of the undead! (Even the ghost had no idea he could make his ectoplasm into that particular shape!) Outlaw and Foster continue the fun this issue when Anna (the hottest MILF even before being a MILF was hot!), enters the "Ms. American Woman Pageant" and leaves the judges gasping for more before it's all over.

 The Adventures Of Olivia #4 released by Jabberwocky Graphix
 This issue penciller Jack Cleveland joins the crew of Olivia's artists to work with Brad Foster on a story where Olivia and her gal pals invade a health spa. They demonstrate their physical prowess, and great flexibility, in all sorts of steamy scenarios. "A healthy body in a dirty mind" pretty much sums up their attitude as they come up with new and juicy ways to get their heart rates up. And when Olivia takes over leading the entire aerobics class in a new set of flesh-to-flesh exercises, everyone ends up gasping to a happier, healthier life! Plus, "Mi-Hy's Close Shave" shares the story of how the tiny lady with the long mane of hair ended up deciding to go with less hair...elsewhere!
The Adventures Of Olivia #5 released by Jabberwocky Graphix
You knew it would have to happen eventually, so we got to it with this issue. Foster and new penciller Jose Dominguez tell the tale of how little Mi-Hy becomes the amazing gigantic lady, with a sexual appetite to match her huge new stature–as if she hadn't already been one horny little minx! Only a super climax will get her back to normal, so it's up to Olivia, Sandy and Sylvia to find just the right-sized partner to see that the earth will literally shake for her! Plus, we present the story of the luckiest man in the world, as horny John Smith ends up moving in with Sandy in Olivia's new house, and discovers that with these gals, everyone shares their boy-toys with everyone else. If he doesn't die from the pleasure, he can certainly live with that! Cleveland and Foster draw his story, even through their jealousy of his good luck! 
Erotic comic book series created by Jabberwocky Graphix founder Brad Foster.
The Adventures of Olivia. -- Irving, TX : Jabberwocky
   Graphix, 1989- . -- ill. ; 28 cm. -- Began with no. 1
   (Summer 1989)


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