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domenica 16 aprile 2017

King - Gasoline Alley - November 4th 1931 Artist: Frank King (Penciller)

King - Gasoline Alley - November 4th 1931

Artist: Frank King (Penciller) 
The artwork area is approximately 20” by 6”. The strip is signed “King” in the fourth panel and is dated "11-4" in the first panel and is © 1931 by The Chicago Tribune.
This daily is titled “A pair of dissenting votes” in pencil to the left of the art. Priggy comes to call on Lora and looks to score points with Phyllis by bringing her flowers. Walt, not a big fan of Priggy, is not impressed. Neither he nor Skeezix think much of Priggy (who called Skeezix 'runt'). King’s dialogue and feel for everyday conversation and life is simply dead on. You’ve just got to love how pleased Phyllis looks upon receiving the unexpected flowers ("See here Walt..."), how smug Priggy looks and how bothered Walt looks by it all ("Oh he did!"). Wonderful how King dressed the men in black, the single woman in white, Phyllis in a print (great pattern), and Skeezix in half black and half white.
Great contrast of black and white and wonderful details by a true master of the form. Kings’s legendary feel for storytelling was married to a deft mastery of pen and ink. His technique is simply breathtaking. Strategically placed blacks frame the action and story. Just brilliant. A super early and outstanding example of King’s virtuoso writing and art, featuring virtually all of the main GA characters of the time, Walt Wallet, his wife Phyllis, his son Skeezix, Lora (Phyllis's cousin who was Skeezix's nanny) and Mr. Prigmire (aka Priggy), Lora's boyfriend.

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