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sabato 15 aprile 2017

Kane - Star Hawks - Issue 619 - June 13 1979 Artist: Gil Kane (Penciller)

Kane - Star Hawks - Issue 619 - June 13 1979

Artist: Gil Kane (Penciller) 
Double-sized daily strip, only #619 in the entire run. Dated for Wednesday, June 13, 1979. Great panels of people, action and space, with one of the few Black figures in National Comics at the time. Written by Archie Goodwin. When Star Hawks first began, the Kane obtained a unique contract allowing Gil Kane to work in a space equal to two normal dailies, stacking one on top of another. It seems that this was a first, and a very unique contract, the likes of which wasn't seen again until Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes contract required newspapers to print his Sundays, not dailies, in a specified size, not dropping any panels. Sadly, in a time of shrinking gag-a-day comics Star Hawks' experiment failed, and newspapers balked at giving up twice the space for one comic, and Star Hawks reverted to the standard format of a single tier daily. Marker on Bristol. 44.4 cm * 29.2 cm (17.5" * 11.5")

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