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0/6 (Netcomics, 2005) by Youjung Lee


  (Netcomics, 2005)

At first glance Moolchi is just another shy, unassuming boy whose greatest talents are running away from bullies and binging on vitamin supplements.

Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, Moolchi's absentee father sends him a most unusual gift--a stunningly-proportioned 'girl' who may or may not be made of flesh and blood. She calls herself 'Six' and mumbles incoherently about having a 'prime directive.'

This strange and exquisite creature quickly turns the boy's life upside-down, violently disposing of junior-high hooligans and anybody else who gets in his or her way, all while wearing a getup that would make Barbarella blush.

In the midst of these baffling occurrences, Moolchi just can't seem to stop worrying about his German homework.

The word 'oblivious' barely does him justice as Moolchi remains blissfully unaware of his father's dangerous double-life, or the cute hall monitor who harbors a crush on him, or the intentions of this mysterious femme fatale who insists on bathing with him.

Meanwhile, ominous storm clouds gather on the horizon, and one lingering question looms above the others...who is this so-called 'Zero' that everybody is looking for? 


#1 -  12/1/2005


Vol. 1 This is a science fiction tale which for most young boys would be a dream come true.
In fact it was in the movie and tv show, WEIRD SCIENCE.
What if you were a nerdy high school boy (or maybe you are!) and received a sexy female android from your absentee father.
At first she does not move but when she awakens he discovers her name is Six and she is there to protect him, he is the reason she exists. Now the most excitement he normally gets is running away from bullies, not always successfully. So you can imagine he might not be keen on drawing attention to himself with a taller female, not really dressed for attending high school. Sure enough she is true to her word when the bullies show up she takes them out easily. The scene at the school is more embarrassing. So what is behind the mystery girl? A scene at the end of this chapter shed some light on it all. The title does too. You see the boy, Moolchi, is the Zero in it. He also takes some pills and is starting to act very strange. There is some intrigue going on and it will get more violent as it goes. There is another, a female classmate with a crush on Moolchi. She shows up unannounced and see him collapse, only to be taken away by Six. She has problems of her own at home. The set up promises to move things at a fast pace. There is a bit of humor that lightens up the mood here and there. The art is decent in craftsmanship and structure. Not a bad start to a promising story. - David LeBlanc, Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine Vol. 4 Moolchi is aging rapidly. The power he exerts has that effect every time he uses it. Now his friend Kanghee is dead and he is in hiding, experiencing flashbacks from his years as a toddler. Meanwhile his father has returned to Korea to seek him out and the guardian of Moolchi has waited for the next thing to do, like a statue. We learn much more about Moolchi (Zero) and Jong-E (Six) and the family of non-humans they represent. The "family" of his youth and the institution they lived in made for some sad memories. In a pivotal moment Moolchi lashes out a street thugs and eventually is pushed in front of a moving train. Miraculously he survives and his experiences in the city lead him on the path he must follow. All the while the others of his kind are seeking him out leading to a showdown near the end of he book. This is a tense thriller that just got a lot deeper into the motivations of the main characters. The quest to create perfect humans was bound to created flaws and indeed the flaws in some of these characters are devastating. There is violence but it is not gratuitous. It is all well scripted with a sense of impending doom around the corner. This one was worth reading from the first chapter and gets better with every volume.
- David LeBlanc, Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine

#2 -  4/25/2006

#3 -  7/1/2006


#4 -  10/1/2006


#5 -  1/20/2007 

01.04.06 - 21 pages



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