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100 Bullets June 1999 – April 2009

100 Bullets

100 Bullets è una serie a fumetti scritta da Brian Azzarello e disegnata da Eduardo Risso (con copertine di Dave Johnson), pubblicata dalla DC Comics sotto l'etichetta Vertigo. È stata premiata con l'Eisner Award in varie edizioni e per diverse categorie.

Ha un'ambientazione di genere noir e pulp, che richiama la cifra stilistica di romanzieri come Elmore Leonard, Eddie Bunker, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler e che recupera le atmosfere di film di successo come Le iene e I soliti sospetti.

Edizioni italiane
La serie è stata proposta in italiano inizialmente dall'editore Magic Press all'interno della rivista antologica mensile Vertigo Presenta. Lo stesso editore provvedeva, aperiodicamente, a raccogliere in volumi gli episodi precedentemente serializzati sulla rivista. Dal 2006 è l'editore Planeta DeAgostini, sempre con la consulenza dello staff editoriale Magic Press, a pubblicare in volumi brossurati la collana. Nel 2012 l'editore RW Edizioni sotto l'etichetta Lion ha iniziato una ristampa di tutti i numeri, pubblicandoli quattro per volta in volumi brossurati a cadenza bimensile.

Il videogioco
Il fumetto ha ispirato un omonimo videogioco, nel cui progetto era coinvolto anche Brian Azzarello. Si trattava di uno sparatutto e garantiva un'ottima interazione con i fondali, composto da 24 missioni e da 2 personaggi giocabili permettendo di avventurarsi sia per ambienti interni che esterni. Il gioco sarebbe dovuto uscire su Wii e altre piattaforme, ma non venne mai completato e pubblicato.

100 Bullets is an American comic book published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint. Written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso, the comic book ran for 100 issues and won the Eisner Award and Harvey Award.

Both the writing and artwork in 100 Bullets exemplifies the noir and pulp genres of popular modern fiction. Consistent with noir convention, most of the characters are deeply flawed.[2] As is also common in pulp and noir genres, 100 Bullets frequently portrays stylized and graphic violence.

100 Bullets is notable for creator Brian Azzarello's realistic use of regional and local accents, as well as the frequent use of slang and oblique, metaphorical language in his characters' dialogue.

Initially presented as a series of self-contained episodic stories, 100 Bullets developed into a sprawling crime saga in which all the characters and events were connected.


The core concept of 100 Bullets is based on the question of people willing to act on the desire of violent revenge if given the means, opportunity, and a reasonable chance to succeed. Many of the first issues involve the mysterious Agent Graves approaching someone who has been a victim of a terrible wrong. Graves gives them the opportunity to take revenge by providing a handgun, 100 bullets, and documentation about the primary target responsible for their woes. He informs the candidate the bullets are completely untraceable by any law enforcement investigation, and as soon as they are found at any crime scene, investigations will immediately cease.

Although all the revenge murders enabled by Agent Graves are presented as justifiable, the candidates are neither rewarded nor punished for accepting the offer other than their own personal satisfaction. Several people decline, but others who accept find varied success or failure. The attaché and Graves' "games" are later revealed to be only a minor part of a much broader story.

Agent Graves is the leader of a group known as The Minutemen, a group of seven men (plus one "Agent") who serve as the enforcers and police of a clandestine organization known as The Trust. The Trust was originally formed by the heads of 13 powerful European families who controlled much of the Old World's combined wealth and industry. The Trust made an offer to the kings of Europe by which they would leave the continent and their considerable influence and holdings, in exchange for complete autonomy in the still unclaimed portion of the New World.[1] When England ignored this proposition and colonized the Roanoke Island late in the 16th century, the Minutemen were formed. The original Minutemen, seven vicious killers, eradicated the colony and all of its inhabitants, leaving behind only the cryptic message "Croatoan" as a warning, reclaiming the land for the Trust. Since this time, the Minutemen's charge has been to protect the 13 Houses of the Trust, serving as their force against outside threats and more frequently as police of the internal conflicts between the Trust families themselves. The groups' interactions are often facilitated by a person holding the title "Warlord" for the Trust, who serves as the Houses' liaison to the Minutemen.

Sometime in the late 20th century, the Minutemen were betrayed by the Trust and disbanded after Agent Graves refused to reenact "The Greatest Crime in the History of Mankind" (a re-expansion of the borders of the Trust). The Minutemen retaliated with the assassination of a hooded figure in Atlantic City, and they were then sent into hiding. Most of the Minutemen of that time were "deactivated" by Graves. These former Minutemen had their memories repressed for their own protection and were returned to "normal" lives. These events occurred prior (presumably some years) to the beginning of 100 Bullets.

As the story plays out, many of those who are offered the chance for vengeance by Graves are revealed to have been people wronged by the Trust or its agents, and six are revealed to have been Minutemen at the time of the events of Atlantic City. With his planning, some luck, and the importance of his "game", Agent Graves seeks to reactivate several of his Minutemen and recruit potential new members during the course of the series. With the occasional aid of the Trust's current Warlord, the charismatic and secretive Mr. Shepherd, Graves sets into motion a complicated and deadly plot of revenge against the Trust, which divides into factions, with younger members plotting against the older ones.

The series culminates in the downfall of the Trust and its agents, eventually revealing that the attaché and its contents are a metaphor for the limitless power of the Trust.

Collected editions

There are thirteen trade paperbacks in publication for this series. The titles of the trade paperbacks all seem to be somehow related with their volume number (First Shot, Last Call; Split Second Chance; A Foregone Tomorrow; The Counterfifth Detective; Six Feet Under the Gun; Strychnine Lives; Decayed (a pun on 'decade'; this is the tenth volume)), with four being indirect references (book 7 titled Samurai, for Seven Samurai; book 8 titled The Hard Way, a reference to a roll in craps; book 12 titled Dirty, as in The Dirty Dozen; book 13 titled Wilt, for basketball player Wilt Chamberlain, who wore the number 13 and was famous for scoring 100 points in a single game). Book 11 Once Upon a Crime is also a reference as "once" is Spanish for eleven. The exception to the rule is book 3, which was originally to be called The Charm — as in "third time's the charm" — but was given the title of the collection's largest plot arc, Hang Up on the Hang Low, when it won the Eisner Award. Another interpretation of this seemingly odd exception is that 'Hang Up on the Hang Low' is a coded allusion to Masonic symbology, the upwards triangle placed over the downward triangle, where the number 3 is indicated among other things through this code. As The Trust can also be seen to be a Masonic type allusion, one should also look for other Masonic symbols through the books. The allusion itself may come as well simply by describing the shape of the number 3 itself, composed of an upward hook and a downward hook, where the "hang up" hook rests upon the "hang low" hook. A series of hardcover volumes collecting the series have also been published.

Other media adaptations

Acclaim announced plans to release a video game based on 100 Bullets. However, following the collapse of Acclaim's publishing house, the game was cancelled. It was intended that the player would be either Cole Burns or Snow Falls (a completely original character) and play in a third person view, with actor Keanu Reeves portraying Cole Burns. The plot was not publicly known, aside from a supposition that it followed the plot of the comic book.

D3Publishing obtained the rights from Warner Bros. to publish a 100 Bullets game in 2006. They intended to make a video game completely independent from Acclaim's aborted vision, but still heavily reliant on input and plotting from Brian Azzarello and releasing it in Q3 2007 - however it was never released.

On June 23, 2011, IGN reported that David S. Goyer, co-writer of Dark City and The Dark Knight, was attached to executive produce and write a TV series based on the comics for Showtime. However, in a June 2013 interview with Ain't It Cool News, Goyer stated that the project got "incredibly close" at Showtime before being turned down due to a multitude of mass shootings across the United States. He called the sudden turn of events "frustrating", further stating, "At one point, I thought it was going to happen at Showtime. It got to the three-yard line."

On April 28, 2014, SciFiNow reported the The Wall Street Journal's release of information regarding upcoming Warner Brothers films based on DC Comics properties. The films that were revealed to be in development included the much anticipated Justice League film; Shazam, Fables, and 100 Bullets were among the other films listed, and are currently in varying stages of production. In August 2015, it was announced that a film adaptation of the novel is being produced by Tom Hardy with the option for him to star in the film. It will be written by Chris Borrelli and distributed by New Line Cinema.

Critical reception

The series has attracted critical acclaim from within and beyond the American comics industry, as "very violent, dark and clever" and "a series of compelling morality tales". In his introduction for the second volume collection Howard Chaykin wrote "Thanks are overdue to both these guys for producing the most exciting comic book in years".


The series won the 2002 Harvey Awards for Best Writer, Best Artist and Best Continuing Series, and the 2003 Harvey Award for Best Artist, as well as the 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story, and the 2002 and 2004 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series


Brother Lono

At the EmeraldCity Con on March 1, 2013, Vertigo editor Mark Doyle announced that the franchise's creative team have joined forces once again to work on a miniseries. Brother Lono.[16] It was an 8 issue miniseries that detailed Lono's rehabilitated life in Juarez after the events of 100 Bullets issue #100.

The writer-artist team behind the acclaimed JONNY DOUBLE returns with a gripping new ongoing series, featuring painted covers by artist Dave Johnson ("The Justice Society Returns!"). Everyone talks about "getting away with murder," but what would you do if you were given irrefutable proof of the identity of the one that "done you wrong," the opportunity to kill them and the means to get away with it, scot-free? When former gangbanger Dizzy Cordova meets the mysterious Agent Graves, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an attache case containing the proof, the gun, and the carte blanche immunity to exact revenge for the drive-by shootings that killed her family. Now she faces the hardest decision of her life in the form of a question that has no easy answer: If you could get away with murder, and your victim truly deserved it, what would you do?

100 Bullets #2 - 100 Bullets released by Vertigo on September 1999.
 The gripping new series from the writer-artist team behind the acclaimed JONNY DOUBLE continues, featuring painted covers by artist Dave Johnson ("The Justice Society Returns!"). Given the opportunity and the means to avenge her family's deaths by the mysterious Agent Graves, Dizzy Cordova struggles with the morality of murder. Some folks in the 'hood however, don't have this problem. As violence erupts on the unforgiving streets, Dizzy comes face-to-face with her intended targets. Are they responsible, or was their crime just another random act that goes hand in hand with the thug life?

100 Bullets #3 - 100 Bullets released by Vertigo on October 1999.
The first story arc of VERTIGO's gripping new series from the writer-artist team behind the acclaimed JONNY DOUBLE concludes. Simmering violence boils over into full-blown vengeance as Dizzy encounters "Mr. Shepard" , a mystery man with some insight into Agent Graves, and uncovers new information about her family's murderers that makes it even harder to make her decision. Just how far is Dizzy willing to go for a little bit of frontier justice?

 100 Bullets #4 - Shot, Water Back, Part 1 released by Vertigo on November 1999.
The hot new series that dares to ask "What would you do if you could get away with murder?" continues with Part 1 of the 2- part "Shot, Water Back." Dive bartender Lee Dolan once lived the high life: beautiful wife, smart kids, successful business. Then the FBI came crashing through his front door and he lost everything. When Agent Graves offers Lee the opportunity to get revenge on the person who framed him for the ultimate crime, he faces the most important decision of his life. His target's just sidled up to the bar. She's asked for...a shot. What does he reach for, the bottle or the gun?

 100 Bullets #5 - Shot, Water Back, Part 2 released by Vertigo on December 1999.
The hot new series that dares to ask "What would you do if you could get away with murder?" continues with the conclusion of "Shot, Water Back." When down-and-out bartender Lee Dolan confronts socialite Megan Dietrich, the femme fetale who destroyed his life, he learns that things may not be what they seem. Does Agent Graves have more to gain from this deadly game than Dolan does? And does Dietrich have something better to offer Dolan than revenge?

100 Bullets #6 - Short Con, Long Odds, Part 1 released by Vertigo on January 2000.  
A gambler gets his shot at revenge in Part 1 of the 2-part "Short Con, Long Odds." All gambler Chucky Spinks ever wanted was a shot at the penthouse on Easy Street. Instead, he got hard time he didn't earn and a bad rep that's left him hustling nickels and dimes on street corners instead of the money tables. When Agent Graves shows Chucky the identity of the man who made his life such misery, a man Chucky knows all too well,  will that stack the deck in his favor?   

100 Bullets #7 - Short Con, Long Odds, Part 2 released by Vertigo on February 2000.  
A gambler gets his shot at revenge in the conclusion of the 2-part "Short Con, Long Odds." Closing in on his target, gambler Chucky Spinks finds himself in the riskiest game of his life: a high-stakes game where the house wants him to use all of his talents. All the players in this game think they hold the winning hand, but it's Agent Graves who holds all the aces. 

100 Bullets #8 - Day, Hour, Minute...Man released by Vertigo on March 2000.  
  Coinciding with January's release of the 100 BULLETS trade paperback, a self-contained issue focusing on the mysterious man with the attache case, Agent Graves. We've seen Agent Graves hand out the ways and means for revenge without a clue as to why...until now. This issue offers a revealing glimpse into Graves' private life, and answers some pressing questions about the man and his motives. Does he have a larger agenda than random frontier justice? Does he work alone? Does he have any skeletons in his closet? Find out the answers to these and other questions, in "Day, Hour, Minute...Man."

100 Bullets #9 - The Right Ear, Left In The Cold, Part 1 released by Vertigo on April 2000.  
Part 1 of the 2-part "The Right Ear, Left In The Cold." Meet Cole Burns, a mild- mannered ice cream man trying to make a semi-honest buck in a thoroughly dishonest world. When the mysterious Agent Graves enters Cole's life and exposes him to a deadly secret ? the first of many that will change his life forever - Cole discovers that everyone's got secrets, and his may be the biggest of all.

100 Bullets #10 - The Right Ear, Left in the Cold, Part Two released by Vertigo on May 2000.   
 Part 2 of the chilling 2-part story "The Right Ear, Left in the Cold." Mild-mannered ice cream man Cole Burns made a major mistake when he underestimated Agent Graves. Now local gangster Goldy Petrovic intends to take out Cole, just like he took out Cole's grandmother years ago. But Cole's got a secret, one even he himself doesn't know about, and Goldy's got a rude surprise in store.   

100 Bullets #11 - Heartbreak, Sunnyside Up released by Vertigo on June 2000.  
Agent Graves offers his clients the opportunity of a lifetime: the ability to correct a tragic wrong from their pasts. But at what cost to their future? This is a question Lilly Roach, a middle-aged waitress, must ask herself when she finds herself the recipient of Graves' attache one lonely night on the graveyard shift. Forced to confront a secret too horrible to imagine about her missing daughter, vengeance is hers...but does she want it?
  • Ranked #52 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".
 100 Bullets #12 - Parlez Kung Vous released by Vertigo on July 2000.
Agent Graves' mysterious shadow, Mr. Shepherd, makes a move and sends an operative to Paris, a very familiar operative.
This issue is a homage to Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4

.100 Bullets #13 - Parlez Kung Vous, Part Deux released by Vertigo on August 2000.
Dizzy's education continues in the streets of Paris in Part 2 of the 3-part "Parlez Kung Vous?" The world becomes a much bigger place for Dizzy as she learns more about Agent Graves' secret agenda, and the piece she represents in his puzzle, at the feet of the cynical expatriot Mr. Branch. There's something special about Dizzy, but, just to make sure, Mr. Branch is about to put her to a test...a test that could have deadly results.

 100 Bullets #14 - Parlez Kung Vous, Conclusion released by Vertigo on September 2000.
Dizzy's education continues in the streets of Paris in the conclusion of "Parlez Kung Vous?" Dizzy learns just how deep the water is in which she's treading as Mr. Branch fills her in on the mysterious organization called The Trust, Agent Graves' role within it, and Dizzy's place in it as well.

 100 Bullets #15 - Hang Up On The Hang Low, Part 1 released by Vertigo on October 2000.
 The Eisner nominee for Best New Series and Best Serialized Story begins a new story arc with Part 1 of the 4-part "Hang Up on the Hang Low." Meet Loop Hughes, a tough kid growing tougher on the bad streets of Philly. When Agent Graves offers him the opportunity to even the score with the man responsible for his dismal situation, Loop jumps at the chance. Is Graves setting in motion a multi-generational gang war that no one has any chance of winning?

 100 Bullets #16 - Hang Up On The Hang Low, Part 2 released by Vertigo on November 2000.
Part 2 of the 4-part "Hang Up on the Hang Low." In an odd twist of fate, Loop Hughes learns the ins and outs of the criminal underworld from the one man Agent Graves claimed ruined his life: his wayward father. Sure, revenge is sweet, but for Loop there may be an even sweeter choice: something that has been missing from his life, something that will change it more than taking Graves' offer ever could.

  100 Bullets #17 - Hang Up On The Hang Low, Part 3 released by Vertigo on December 2000.
Part 3 of the 4-part "Hang Up on the Hang Low." Street player Loop Hughes discovers that his intended target and the mysterious Agent Graves have crossed paths in the past. For Graves, Loop's assignment is quite personal. And for Loop, 100 bullets might not be enough.

100 Bullets #18 - Hang Up On The Hang Low, Conclusion released by Vertigo on January 2001.  
In the conclusion of the 4-part ''Hang Up on the Hang Low,'' Loop finds himself forced to fight for the man he thought Agent Graves meant for him to kill. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to bring Graves's true intentions to light--but this new information for Loop may be too little, too late.

   100 Bullets #19 - Epilogue for A Road Dog released by Vertigo on February 2001.
The epilogue to "Hang Up on the Hang Low." After completing Agent Graves' "assignment," Loop finds himself in an even more difficult position: face to face with one of Graves' most dangerous associates. As if this weren't trouble enough, Graves himself makes Loop an offer that will forever change his life.

 100 Bullets #20 - The Mimic released by Vertigo on March 2001.
"Hot House (The Mimic)": In a stand-alone issue, Mr. Shepherd, Agent Graves' enigmatic associate, steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight -- right where The Trust wants him. What is Shepherd's relationship with Graves and this mysterious organization? Where does Shepherd's allegiance lie? Do he and Graves share the same agenda?

 100 Bullets #21 - Sell Fish & Out to Sea, Part One released by Vertigo on April 2001.
"Sell Fish and Out to Sea" Part 1 of 2. Up until now, Agent Graves' choice of "clients" has made sense. Well, not anymore. Junkie Jack Dau has got some problems: He's penniless, he's homeless, and he's aimless. On top of all that, he's managed to alienate everyone he's ever cared about, or who's cared about him. When Agent Graves enters this broken man's life with the offer of revenge, Jack's already upside-down life gets body-slammed as he's forced to confront the person responsible for his fate.

100 Bullets #22 - Sell Fish & Out to Sea, Part Two released by Vertigo on May 2001.  
"Sell Fish and Out to Sea" Part 2 of 2. Jack Dau's troubles continue as he searches for a reason to act on the information from Agent Graves. Jack may be a self-destructive junkie, but he's no killer, or so, he'd like to believe. Question is, what's the truth worth to a man who's spent his life lying to himself?

   100 Bullets #23 - Red Prince Blues, Part One released by Vertigo on June 2001.
In "Red Prince Blues" part 1 of 3, it's the return of Megan Dietrich--as The Trust convenes to deal with the threat Agent Graves portends, revealing more about their mysterious organization and its relationship to Graves.

100 Bullets #24 - Red Prince Blues, Part Two released by Vertigo on July 2001.  
 As the families of The Trust hold their summit, Agent Graves carefully prepares to make a move against one of the members. But there's another man with his own grudge against a member of the shadow organization. He may not have the resources that Graves does, but he certainly has the nerve.

100 Bullets #25 - Red Prince Blues, Conclusion released by Vertigo on August 2001. 
 The conclusion to the 3-part "Red Prince Blues." The secrets of The Trust are brought to the forefront, as Agent Graves makes his move against the organization on the seedy boardwalks of Atlantic City. This time though, he's not acting alone. Graves has set in motion a deadly game of cat and mouse, and, like all the games he plays, this one has fatal consequences.

  100 Bullets #26 - Mr. Branch & the Family Tree released by Vertigo on September 2001.
A special issue designed as a starting point for new readers. "Mr. Branch and the Family Tree" follows Paris-based conspiracy nut, Mr. Branch (from issues #12-14), as he relates tales of the various main characters of the series. Series artist Eduardo Risso provides the framing sequence, with illustrations showcasing each main character by: Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Dave Gibbons, J.G. Jones, Paul Pope, Lee Bermejo, Tim Bradstreet, Joe Jusko, Jordi Bernet, and Mark Chiarello.

100 Bullets #27 - Idol Chatter released by Vertigo on October 2001.  
"Idol Chatter." In this stand-alone issue, Agent Graves unexpectedly encounters a man from his past, but this is no ordinary man. This man was once a hero, the idol of millions, and unbeknownst to anyone but he and Graves, the recipient of Graves' mysterious attaché. This chance meeting leads to a confession, and may reveal the hidden truth behind the greatest conspiracy in American History.
  • Ranked #11 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".
100 Bullets #28 - ¡Contrabandolero!, Part One of Three released by Vertigo on November 2001.
"Contrabandolero," Part 1 of 3. Down in the West Texas town of El Paso, it's not just love people are falling into. Life is dirt cheap on the border, and even that's too pricey for Wyley Times, a gas-station attendant with absolutely zero ambition. When a smoldering, mysterious beauty comes to town, she sends Wyley spinning over the edge, and it's up to her equally mysterious companion to straighten Wyley out.

 100 Bullets #29 - ¡Contrabandolero!, Part Two of Three released by Vertigo on December 2001.
"Contrabandolero," Part 2 of 3. The wrong woman can drive the right man to do things he normally wouldn't, as ne'er-do-well gas station attendant Wyley Times finds out. Under the sweltering Texas sun, things really start to heat up between Wyley and a certain smoldering femme fatale, whose champagne tastes are way outta' line with Wyley's beer budget. So when her mysterious companion offers Wyley the chance to make a quick buck, how can he say no?

100 Bullets #30 - ¡Contrabandolero!, Conclusion released by Vertigo on January 2002.  
 "Contrabandolero," Part 3 of 3. As Wylie Times comes closer to crossing the Mexican border with his mysterious cargo, he finds himself closer to the edge than he'd care to be. Mixed up with some very dangerous people, Wylie finds himself outclassed, outwitted, and out of time. His only hope: a certain femme fatale. Too bad she's more dangerous than any scam he could dream up.

100 Bullets #31 - The Counterfifth Detective, Part One released by Vertigo on February 2002.  
Part 1 of the 6-part "The Counterfeit Detective." Meet Milo Garret, L.A. private eye and a man without a face. Not that he's anonymous, lots of losers and deadbeats know him, but Milo recently had an accident that left his face on the floor and his head a mass of bandages. When Agent Graves informs Milo that what happened to him was no accident, he jumps at the chance to even the score.

  100 Bullets #32 - The Counterfifth Detective, Part 2 released by Vertigo on March 2002.
 Part 2 of the 6-part "The Counterfifth Detective." As Private Eye Milo Garret continues to unravel the mysterious circumstances that left his face wrapped in bandages, a larger mystery begins to take shape. Uncovering the person ? or persons ? responsible is one thing, but when the trail leads to old moneyed corridors, Milo finds he's in over his gauze-covered head.

100 Bullets #33 - The Counterfifth Detective, Part 3 released by Vertigo on April 2002.
Part 3 of "The Counterfeit Detective." As private eye Milo Garret continues his investigations into who scarred him for life, that same life takes a decidedly different turn. When a tough-talking gal with a chip on her shoulder and the money to prop it up hires Milo for a special job, the payday's too good to refuse. That, and Milo figures there may be a bonus in it...

100 Bullets #34 - The Counterfifth Detective, Part 4 released by Vertigo on May 2002.
Part 4 of "The Counterfifth Detective." As Private Eye Milo Garret digs deeper into the mysterious circumstances that left him without a face, he finds himself sinking in a cesspool of corruption. There's a thin line between alertness and paranoia, and Milo's getting dangerously close to it. He can't trust anyone, certainly not Agent Graves, and maybe not himself, either.

100 Bullets #35 - The Counterfifth Detective, Part 5 released by Vertigo on June 2002
."The Counterfifth Detective" Part 5 of 6. Private Eye Milo Garret's world is falling apart around him as he learns more about the mysterious circumstances that stole his face. As he pieces together the shards of his broken life, he may find that Agent Graves has more to do with what happened to him rather than just the opportunity to settle the score.

 100 Bullets #36 - The Counterfifth Detective, Conclusion released by Vertigo on July 2002.
The conclusion to the 6-part "The Counterfifth Detective." Private Eye Milo Garret's spiral continues, as he uncovers the truth about exactly why he's been left a scarred, broken man. It's said the truth will set you free, but for Milo it's not before he's been backed into a corner, beaten down, and spat back up. Milo's only possible escape lies in the attaché case Graves gave him, but can a man really hope to escape his past?

 100 Bullets #37 - On Accidental Purpose released by Vertigo on August 2002.
"On Accidental Purpose" begins a string of six standalone stories, each one focusing on one of the major faces of 100 BULLETS through the eyes of Mr. Shepherd. What is Sheperd's relationship with Agent Graves? Is he friend, foe - or possibly both? This issue zeroes in on Dizzy Cordova and the impact Agent Graves has had on her life. The question remains: Is Dizzy a minor pawn or a major player?

 100 Bullets #38 - Cole Burns Slow Hand released by Vertigo on October 2002.
The second in a series of six standalone stories finds Minuteman Cole Burns returning to his old stomping grounds of New York City. Question is, is he there for business or pleasure? For a man like Cole, business usually means someone else is caught in the cross-hairs. This job, though, might not be so easy. At least not if Mr. Shepherd has anything to say about it.

100 Bullets #39 - Ambition's Audition released by Vertigo on November 2002.
"Ambition's Audition." The third in a series of six stand-alone stories pulls back the curtain and sheds some light on Benito Medici, the unwilling heir to a seat on The Trust. Benito's ruthless father Augustus seems to have cemented The Trust's agenda. But is it really a self-serving one that drives him? And is Benito's blasé attitude simply a mask for his own agenda, one that may compromise all that Augustus has worked for?

100 Bullets #40 - Night of the Payday released by Vertigo on January 2003.
"Night of the Payday," the fourth in a series of standalone issues, focuses on Lono, the sadistic Ex-Minuteman for whom everything has a price and who's proven time and time again the only side he's on is his own. Taking on a seemingly easy job for an obscenely large sum of money, Lono finds that there really is such a thing as a "can't miss" gig. Trouble is, it's somebody else who won't be doing the missing...and Lono is squarely in his sights.

100 Bullets #41 - A Crash released by Vertigo on March 2003.
"A Crash." This fifth in a series of standalone issues shines the spotlight where it's needed most: directly into the black eyes of Agent Graves. What is it that drives this mysterious man? Is it a quest for justice, or perhaps something deeply personal? And what does he hope to gain? Moving between the corridors of power and the back alleys of the underworld with an unshakeable confidence, Graves appears to be in complete control, to everyone but The Trust. It may be Graves' game, but does he really hold all the cards?

 100 Bullets #42 - Point Off the Edge released by Vertigo on April 2003.
In this final of six stand-alone issues, Agent Graves travels to El Paso, Texas, to deal out a little justice. The recipient? Gas-pumper Wylie Times, last seen in issue #30. Wylie's been down on his luck, stuck in a rut and he's about to find out why - and more important, who's responsible. But what does a guy who's happy knowing nothing do with information that can only lead to death?

 100 Bullets #43 - Chill in the Oven, Part One released by Vertigo on June 2003.
"Chill in the Oven" Part 1. Loop Hughes (last seen in the Eisner Award-winning story arc "Hang Up on the Hang Low") has been doing time in prison for murder. Sure, it was self-defense, but when all you can afford is a court-appointed mouthpiece, that argument tends to fall on deaf ears right before the judge kicks you up the river. Forced to learn the ins and outs of prison politics - where a sideways glance can get you a shiv in the back - it's all Loop can do to keep his bones from being broken - never mind his spirit.

 100 Bullets #44 - Chill in the Oven, Part Two released by Vertigo on July 2003.
"Chill in the Oven" Part 2. Life in prison ain't easy, and for Loop Hughes, just staying alive might be the hardest thing he's ever done. Forced to deal with a psychotic thug looking for some lethal payback and a vicious guard with a chip on his shoulder, things go from worse to worst for Loop when he comes face to face with an animal more savage than anything he's come across behind bars. Which begs the question: How can you watch your back with a broken neck?

 100 Bullets #45 - Chill in the Oven, Part Three released by Vertigo on August 2003.
"Chill in the Oven," Part 3. Doing hard time can be lonely, but when Lono meets with an unexpected (but very familiar) visitor to the prison, the pot starts stirring to a red-hot boil. And if Loop Hughes thought he had problems before, he really needs to check his head.

100 Bullets #46 - Chill in the Oven, Conclusion released by Vertigo on September 2003.
"Chill in the Oven," Part 4. Hell breaks loose, as Loop finds himself caught between a rock, a hard place, a psychotic animal, and a sadistic guard. His only chance of survival is to throw in with one of them for the throwdown, but which one? Three will kill him; one will help him live. It's a wild stab in the dark that lies at the heart of Graves' plan.

100 Bullets #47 - In Stinked, Part One released by Vertigo on December 2003.
 "In Stinked" part 1! Jack and Mikey--last seen in 100 BULLETS #22--go on the road trip from Hell. Whipping down the freeway at Mach Nine with your hair on fire, getting pinched by the cops and kicking trips to the zoo, Jack discovers that the only way to get the monkey off his back is to let the tiger out of its cage.

100 Bullets #48 - In Stinked, Part Two released by Vertigo on February 2004.
 "In Stinked," Part 2. Jack and Mikey are up to their eyeballs in it, having walked straight out of a drug-induced stupor into a Wonderland-type zoo where the animals are big game and people would rather hunt them than admire them. Lions and tigers and fat Mafiosi in cheap velour track-suits make for an interesting family outing.

100 Bullets #49 - In Stinked, Conclusion released by Vertigo on May 2004.
The conclusion to the 3-part "In Stinked." Jack the Junkie finds himself stuck between an angry tiger and a trio of even angrier mobsters, and only one of them is getting out of Jungle Garvey's Wild Animal Park alive. And if Jack does make it out of the zoo in one piece, can he finally beat the monkey on his back?

100 Bullets #50 - Prey for Reign released by Vertigo on August 1, 2004.
The Eisner Award winning series hits the halfway point! Longtime readers will get answers to some of the burning questions of the series, and the ever-mysterious Agent Graves is up to his old tricks, as yet another desperate victim receives its now infamous attaché and its curse of 100 untraceable bullets.

Extra length issue. Big secrets are revealed, the history of The Trust is told, and a new key player in the 100 Bullets game is introduced - what more do you need to know?

100 Bullets #51 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part One released by Vertigo on September 2004.
Wylie Times is back and taking a little trip to the Big Easy — New Orleans — but drunken nights on Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras beads are the last things on his mind. He's on the hunt for the man who did him wrong. Has the ex-parrot smuggler bitten off more than he can chew? And will 100 untraceable bullets be enough ammo to put down the target of his revenge?

100 Bullets #52 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part Two released by Vertigo on October 2004.
It's big trouble in the Big Easy! As Wylie Times continues his vacation of vengeance against the ever-mysterious Agent Graves, he soon realizes he's not the only player in town with similar plans. But will Wylie's trip end on the business end of an untraceable gun?

100 Bullets #53 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part Three released by Vertigo on November 2004.
Things heat up when Wylie Times finds himself in the thick of a family reunion more intense than a barrel of Cajun gumbo! Will he manage to walk away from the Big Easy with his beads intact, or could this be the end of another Minuteman?

100 Bullets #54 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part Four released by Vertigo on December 2004.
Wylie Times has Mr. Sheperd right where he wants him and isn’t about to let him go without a little punishment. But what made Shepard and his deadly apprentice decide to hit Naw’lins in the first place?

100 Bullets #55 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part Five released by Vertigo on January 2005.
Part 5 of "Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down." After a chance encounter with a rather unassuming character, Wylie's eyes are wide-open, his mind is clear, and his sights are set on the man who did him wrong. Now he'll have to get through a certain ex-gang- banger to get to him, and she's not about to go out like a chump!

100 Bullets #56 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Part Six released by Vertigo on February 2005.
The 6-part "Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down" concludes as all hell breaks loose in the Big Easy in a showdown between Wylie, Shepherd, Dizzy and a mystery guest with intentions all his own. Will the slacker-turned-Minuteman be able to walk away in one piece, or is this the end of the line for yet another player?

100 Bullets #57 - Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down, Conclusion released by Vertigo on March 1, 2005.
This is it: the shocking conclusion to "Wylie Runs the Voodoo Down!" With the stage set and the major players in order, it's now time for the big showdown between Wylie, Sheppard, Dizzy and Graves. The trail of bodies has been a long one so far, but not as long as the trail of tears will be...

100 Bullets #58 - Coda Smoke released by Vertigo on April 2005.
As the dust slowly settles in New Orleans, we pick up with the ever-dangerous Lono and his newly acquired apprentice, Loop Hughes. But what exactly does Lono have in store for his jail-hardened pupil, and how does a deadly Minuteman play into his curriculum?

100 Bullets #59 - The Calm released by Vertigo on May 2005.
Hot on the heels of a major player's death, the revealed Minutemen, led by Victor "The Rain", convene to discuss plans on where to make their next move. But who will lead this team of vicious killers, and more important, will they all survive one another?

100 Bullets #60 - Staring at the Son, Part One released by Vertigo on June 2005.
Lono takes his new apprentice, Loop Huges, to Chi-town to continue his deadly training. But can Lono be trusted, or does he have ulterior motives in taking the young protégé under his wing? One guess.

 100 Bullets #61 - Staring at the Son, Part Two released by Vertigo on July 2005.
As the elite members of the Trust continue to die at the hands of the ruthless Minutemen, Benito Medici's star begins to rise. But when Agent Graves shows up on the scene, will this put a wrench in the plans, or will it simply solidify what's been put into action?

 100 Bullets #62 - Staring at the Son, Part Three released by Vertigo on September 2005
."Staring at the Son," Part 3. The "family" reunion continues on the sun-bleached streets of Miami. Benito continues his education, discovering where he fits in with the Trust. But will he follow in his father's footsteps or shun his deadly birthright? And why did Megan summon them to south Florida in the first place?

100 Bullets #63 - Staring at the Son, Conclusion released by Vertigo on October 2005.
Allegiances in this world are like shifting sand, and when one particularly sexy member of The Trust tries to draw a line in it, she'll learn that Agent Graves doesn't just cross a line ? he obliterates it.

100 Bullets #64 - The Dive released by Vertigo on November 2005.
Jack heads to Atlantic City, slowly picking up the pieces of his shattered life working as an underground bare-knuckle boxer. But wherever he goes, trouble's sure to follow, and when Graves pays him a visit, the ex-junkie soon realizes he's in for the fight of his life.

Jack Daw may have kicked the hard drugs but he's still taking hits and plenty of them making a living in Atlantic City as a bare knuckle fighter. Agent Graves catches up with him to ask him to come back in the fold but Jack refuses saying he has changed. Graves disagrees as he sees he still has his self destructive tendencies and he remains a "passive agressive pussy".

100 Bullets #65 - New Tricks, Part One of Two released by Vertigo on December 2005.
Check back in with Loop, Lono and Victor, as the felonious trio leaves Chicago and hits the road in search of revenge. Their targets: any remaining members of the Trust stupid enough to cross their path. But can the three trust each other enough to work together, or will road rage get the better of them?

Lono get's to work on Fulvio to find out who else was behind the botched assassination attempt on the Medici family. While he's at it he even's the score. In the meantime Victor is teaching Loop something about the real world.

100 Bullets #66 - New Tricks, Conclusion released by Vertigo on January 2006.
Victor, Lono and Loop keep on truckin' on a road trip in search of revenge. As more members of The Trust are violently eliminated, it's clear that these three are a team not to be messed with. But which one has intentions all his own?

Lono reports back to Augustus following the elimination of the House of Carlito while somewhere another house close to the Medici is about to fall at the hands of the Minutemen.

100 Bullets #67 - Love Let Her released by Vertigo on February 2006.
After the heartbreaking death of Mr. Shepherd, Dizzy and Wylie continue their road trip through the southwest. However, with Dizzy now activated, she has only one thing on her mind: revenge.

Mr. Branch and Benito are both in Mexico looking for Dizzy who is in the desert with Wylie. One of these men is love with her and is willing to prevent Graves from getting to her at his peril.

100 Bullets #68 - Sleep, Walker: Part One of Two released by Vertigo on March 2006.
As more and more members of The Trust continue to be killed off ? in even more brutal ways, the remaining members hold an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the secret organization. Can they put their differences aside in order to survive the onslaught of Agent Graves and the Minutemen?

Flashback issue where we see a young Augustus plotting with young Javier and Graves. In the present the undefeated Jack is preparing to fight a new opponent who believes he can be the one man to take him down. Who is willing to bet against the sure thing?

100 Bullets #69 - Sleep, Walker: Part Two of Two released by Vertigo on April 2006.
With the last remaining houses of The Trust looking for protection from the Minutemen, Augustus Medici hopes to seize this opportunity to establish himself as the lone head of the secret organization. But having made deals with numerous devils, will Medici's reign be a short-lived one?

While Jack get's his memory back the hard way we see how Graves got the job of leader of the minutemen. We also get to see the Houses of Medici and Dietrich "getting into bed" with each other

100 Bullets #70 - A Wake, Part One released by Vertigo on May 2006.
While most of the remaining members of The Trust were gambling with their lives in Atlantic City, Agent Graves paid a visit to two brothers down on their luck. But when one gets his hands on Graves' infamous briefcase, the result be anything but brotherly love.

100 Bullets #71 - A Wake, Part Two released by Vertigo on June 2006.
Agent Graves is up to his old tricks again, delivering the notorious attaché and a road map for revenge to a set of Midwestern brothers. But what is it about this particular deadly delivery that has the remaining members of The Trust taking notice?

100 Bullets #72 - A Wake, Part Three released by Vertigo on July 2006.
There's dirty work going down in Cleveland, as Agent Graves delivers the infamous attaché case to a butcher turned small-time crook. But since he has no apparent desire for revenge, why did he receive the briefcase in the first place? And, does his overbearing brother have anything to do with it?

 100 Bullets #73 - A Wake, Part Four released by Vertigo on August 2006.
While two Midwestern brothers deal with the horrible fate that comes with every "gift" from Agent Graves, Augustus Medici, Megan Dietrich and Lono have plans of their own that will shake The Trust to its very core. "A Wake" part 4.

100 Bullets #74 - A Wake, Conclusion released by Vertigo on September 2006.
The staggering conclusion of the 4-part "A Wake" story arc! With the final puzzle-pieces in position, things get very interesting. Will the House of Nagel still have a place within the Trust? What do Augustus, Megan and Lono have planned for the remaining members and the Minutemen? And finally, where do the Brothers Rome fit into the grand scheme?

100 Bullets #75 - Amorality Play released by Vertigo on October 2006.
You know the drill by now: Graves approaches someone down on their luck, gives them the infamous briefcase, and then that person must decide what to do with it. But when Lono is factored in with an offer, and another side of the story in the case, could Agent Graves' mysterious plans be in jeopardy?

100 Bullets #76 - Punch Line, Part One released by Vertigo on November 2006.
The secret armies within The Trust are in order, and are heading back down to Mexico to claim a valuable prize. But with two different warring factions, it's clear not everyone will walk away with their lives in tact. Meanwhile, the question everyone's been asking, what happened in Atlantic City?, is finally answered.

 100 Bullets #77 - Punch Line, Part Two released by Vertigo on December 2006.
The major players continue on to Mexico, with one group arriving first with an offer that's hard to refuse. However, Dizzy, along with the three men who love her, has plans of her own. Will it be the Minutemen or the Trust that grows stronger, or will the Mexico Quartet go it alone?

100 Bullets #78 - Punch Line, Part Three released by Vertigo on January 2007.
Now that all the major players are south of the border, the real trouble is only beginning. And with that many dangerous characters in one setting, it certainly won't be a relaxing trip to Mexico for all involved.

100 Bullets #79 - Punch Line, Conclusion released by Vertigo on February 2007.
The unforgettable conclusion to the 4-part storyarc, "Punch Line." The Trust, Agent Graves and the Minutemen arrive in Mexico for a showdown that will mark the end for at least one major player. Also, the mystery behind the Atlantic City job is finally revealed. Loyal Bullets fans, this is the issue you've been waiting for!

100 Bullets #80 - A Split Decision released by Vertigo on March 2007.
Dizzy Cordova has been through two lifetimes of pain. And Agent Graves, the man who pulls her strings whether Dizzy knows it or not, has one more for her to endure. So is Dizzy in or out?

Agent Graves, Cole and crew untie Dizzy and find her not too happy about the death of Wylie. After promising to kill Graves, the mysterious bagman turns her around and makes her a Minuteman. Meanwhile, Cole has some cleaning up to do.

 100 Bullets #81 - Tarantula released by Vertigo on April 2007.
When we last saw Ronnie Rome, Agent Graves was making him an offer. Turns out to be different than Graves' usual, as it leads Ronnie to Italy and face to face with a dangerous beauty men are willing to kill for.

Graves finally gets his long awaited date with Dizzy and proceedes to tell her a little more about their her friend Mr Sheperd. Cue flashback where young Shepherd meets Agent Graves and Curtis Hughes for the first time. Meanwhile we follow Ronnie on his mission in Rome to recover a painting from a certain Echo Memoria. Obviously things don't go to plan.

100 Bullets #82 - Tarantula, Part Two released by Vertigo on May 2007.
Sure, The Minutemen quit on them, but that doesn't mean The Trust no longer has deadly force at its fingertips. How deadly? Agent Graves and his crew are about to find out.

While the events in Rome unfold and is closer to acquiring the painting, Graves is continuing to fill Dizzy in on how Shepherd became a minuteman.

 100 Bullets #83 - Tarantula, Conclusion released by Vertigo on June 2007.
Heads roll and blood spills as Dizzy learns exactly what it takes to be a Minuteman - but what the Minutemen learn about her could prove deadly. Meanwhile, Ronnie Rome finds himself on the edge and under the gun in Italy, where his only ally would just as soon keep all the money herself.

 100 Bullets #84 - The Lady Tonight released by Vertigo on September 2007.

Minutemen Victor Ray & Remi Rome are in need of a vacation, so they head to scenic Lake Tahoe for some R & R with the beautiful people. But you know what they say - 'All play and no work make The Minutemen dull boys...'

Sigmar is the head of the Rhome family within the trust. As such he is very rich and has his fingers in many pies. He is also a family man who looks after his loved ones and has the means to protect them. However in these trouble time for the trust nothing can protect him nor his family against the minutmen once he acquires information on the conspiracy at hand.

 100 Bullets #85 - Red Lions released by Vertigo on November 2007.
Father and son are reunited, but with a woman in the middle of the two, how can this be a good thing? The 'other' woman knows for true it's not... ?

Benito is reunited with his father after his trip in the desert only to learn about his family's union with the Dietrich's, which obviously he is not too happy about. Across town Lono and his crew are training but an old aquaintance reminds him how vulnerable even he can be.

 100 Bullets #86 - Rain in Vain released by Vertigo on January 2008.
In the aftermath of the latest shocking events, one thing becomes crystal clear to Minuteman Victor Ray: He's in this alone. And for keeps. Which is exactly how he likes it.

Another busy day for the minuteman Vic, who after doing some of his usual trusty work for Graves, decides to do a little job on the side. Having barely the time to mourn the death of on of their own, two more heads of the Trust fall. They are soon joined by a couple of vile child kidnappers turned killers when Vic set's out to return a stolen child to his parents.

100 Bullets #87 - The Blister released by Vertigo on March 2008.
As more members of The Trust fall, one family head reaches out to a semi-retired Minuteman for help and protection. But with blood in the water and Graves and his soldiers making a final push for total control, will this old-timer be able to stop the massacre?

100 Bullets #88 - My Lonely Friend released by Vertigo on April 2008.
 The mysterious Mr. Branch finds himself on the boardwalk in Atlantic City for a shadowy reunion with his "old friend" Cole Burns. Are they there to live it up, or is it simply time to pay the check?

100 Bullets #89 - "100 Bullets" Chapter One: Corner of the Sky released by Vertigo on May 2008.
The final story arc of the series begins here! With all his soldiers in place and his final plan in motion, Agent Graves finally has a chance to kick back and enjoy his success — but is the cork-popping premature? And where does a south-side Chicago crime syndicate fit into the plan?

100 Bullets #90 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Two: Lost in A Roman released by Vertigo on June 2008.
The countdown to the series finale continues! As Remi Rome's role in the war comes to fruition, we get a glimpse into the so-called life of Pip - the young G with nothing to lose and even less to gain.

100 Bullets #91 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Three: Closer released by Vertigo on July 2008.
As we learn more about the past history of The Trust and the Minutemen's place in contemporary history, we check in on a manhunt for a killer named Pippen, who's just made the biggest mistake of his young life.

 100 Bullets #92 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Four: Our Men in the Ravine released by Vertigo on August 2008.
The countdown to the series finale continues. As the heat rises on the cold streets of Chicago, we check back in with the remaining Minutemen who have plans of their own. Is this all a part of Graves' plan - or has the old man finally lost control?

100 Bullets #93 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Five: Rooster released by Vertigo on September 2008.
With the series finale only seven issues away, more secrets are revealed about what really caused Graves's war with the Trust. Meanwhile, young Pip's life as a gangbanger takes a turn for the worse.

100 Bullets #94 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Six: Kill De Sac released by Vertigo on October 2008.
As the series speeds toward its epic conclusion, key players and old friends in the 100 BULLETS saga meet for the first time, but will these be friendly encounters? The smart money's on "no."

 100 Bullets #95 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Seven: Ducks released by Vertigo on November 2008.
The countdown to the series finale blazes on! With five issues left to go, Victor is on hand to pay a visit to the handicapped Remi who is hospitalized following the Darcy fiasco. Victor gives him a helping had and possibly a dead man's final wish. Meanwhile a long lost brother is racing to see a sick sibling only to let his frustrations get him into trouble.

General note: Wylie appears in Remi's dream.

100 Bullets #96 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Eight: Damaged Good released by Vertigo on December 2008.
The countdown to the series finale continues as the action takes us several days after Lono and Dizzy's first explosive meeting. Lono has emerged victorious and has his package for his new master. However his arrogance may have gotten the best of him as he does not realize the value of his prize. To make things worse he has underestimated Graves and overestimated his teams loyalty. Now that he has managed to irritate most of his former friends and colleagues, will his luck finally run out?

When you're a man like Lono, the world of the Minutemen comes at a price. And normally that price is on your own head. With Dizzy in his trunk, he calls Benny tell him hes got a present for him, then being the arrogant man he is calls Graves, taunting at how he took her out. Graves tells him that, whatever he has done to her, he will do the same to him. The man with arrogance that has no limits is no longer scared of a man who has nothing.

But what will Lono do when he is told that Graves also has fail safe word for him, just like all of the other Minutemen. What will the man of arrogance do when shown the cold truth that one word can send a bullet through you, keeping you quiet for all eternity.

 100 Bullets #97 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Nine: Fearsomality Crisis released by Vertigo on January 2009.
As the series finale gets ever closer and the body count rises, we see the fallout of the summit between Graves, Javier and Augustus and get a glance at the coming war that will no doubt see more major players die in the deadly game of The Trust. Will anyone be left standing at the end of it all?

 100 Bullets #98 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Ten: Five Rook(ed)s released by Vertigo on February 2009.
Two issues to go! As the end swiftly approaches, new alliances form and old scores finally's not going to be pretty.

100 Bullets #99 - "100 Bullets" Chapter Eleven: Boots On released by Vertigo on March 2009.
The penultimate issue of the award-winning series sees old scores settled and new bloodshed! As questions are answered, truths come to light in this startling issue. With one issue to go in this epic series, you won't believe what happens next. Also, this is not a jumping-on point in case you were wondering.

100 Bullets #100 - "100 Bullets" Finale: A House Of Graves released by Vertigo on June 2009.
 This is it. Nearly a decade in the making, the Eisner Award-winning, critically acclaimed series comes to its inevitably blood-soaked end. What final fate do agent Graves and the rest of the cast face? Who will be left standing when the gun smoke clears? Find out in the epic, final issue of the series Playboy magazine called "a meditation on money, power and morality...for our money, the best current ongoing series."


Agent Graves
Agent Graves is the shadowy figure that gives people an opportunity to right an injustice in their life by giving them 100 bullets, a gun, and undeniable evidence of the target's wrongdoing

Dizzy Cordova
Since accepting the attache from Agent Graves her life was changed forever. Trained to be a Minuteman, she will be a key player. However as a pawn of Graves her true purpose still remains a mystery.

Emilio Cordova
Dizzy Cordova's younger brother.

Lucy Cordova
Dizzy Cordova's younger sister.



Officer Morgan and Swirski 




Bonita Cordova


Mr. Shepherd
A former Minuteman who became a liasion with the Trust. He was key in helping Graves save his old colleagues some of whom he has trained.


Lee's stripper friend.

Lee Dolan
A former restaurant owner whose life was ruined by Megan Dietrich. Agent Graves offered him the chance to seek justice himself.

Jerrald Dolan
Lee Dolan's son.


Megan Dietrich
The head of the House of Dietrich from an early age, Megan took the reigns from her father who was taken out by the Minutemen in Atlantic City.

Augustus Medici
Current Head of the Trust, he has plans to end the often deadly rivalries between families. Old Friend of Graves they appear to now be enemies.


A former Minuteman hailing from Hawaii with serious psychopathic tendencies. He refused to rejoin Graves and has vowed to kill him for setting him up. After Shepherd's death he acted as the Warlord for the Trust.

Baby Maxwell
The man Chucky Spinks owed money to when we meet him.

Chucky Spinks
A street gambler who plays games of craps for nickel and dime stakes. He did seven years of prison for killing a young couple whilst driving drunk.

Fat Sal

A childhood friend of Chucky Spinks and the man who ruined his life.

Chucky's lover and partner in crime.

Cole Burns
The second Minuteman to be activated. Nicknamed "The Wolf," Burns is Agent Graves' right hand man.

Enjoy the reading!

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