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mercoledì 1 febbraio 2017



National Anarchist Australia Tribute Video - YouTube
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Invasion Day Rally Redfern Sydney 26 01 2017

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Pubblicato il 26 gen 2017
Invasion Day Rally - no pride in genocide!

The war on Aboriginal people continues… Sovereignty and Justice Now!

This rally will mark 229 years since British military forces invaded Gadigal land and declared British rule over this continent, along with Aotearoa and other Pacific Islands. While colonial regime continues to hold a day of celebration, we resist the ongoing war against Aboriginal people.

From the brutalisation of black youth in detention, the murder of men and women in custody, the theft of children from families, the destruction of Aboriginal lands to feed corporate profits, the apartheid NT Intervention, the forced removal of communities,

First Nations on this continent are under heavy assault from a new wave of dispossession. But the fightback is also growing and urgently needs your support.

This rally has been initiated by Fighting In Resistance Equally (FIRE), a new coalition that organised a successful march on human rights day, December 10 last year. FIRE believes that standing against the colonial system and the racist mindset that was brought here in 1788 is crucial to all struggles against oppression and exploitation.

Supporters include: Grandmothers Against Removals Sydney, Indigenous Social Justice Association, Fighting in Solidarity Towards Treaties (FISTT), Latin American Social Forum, Socialist Alliance, Solidarity, Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, MUA (Sydney Branch), NTEU (NSW), STICS and The Greens NSW

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