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giovedì 23 febbraio 2017

Without Borders - Ecuador



 Femicide, an unresolved social issue

International Allies Denounce Violence Against Women on Strike in Ecuador

Picture of Otavalo market women (Ecuador):

Woman who makes a kind of straw hats in Ecuador
 Peter van der Sluijs

Ecuador: fight for the right to abortion 

Waorani Indians, Mother with baby, rio Cononaco, Ecuador, 1983
Portrait of a elderly woman in felt brown hat and shawl identify the traditions in the Andes of Ecuador | Anthony John Coletti

The Huaorani usually wear Western-style clothes like the woman on the right, but many choose traditional clothes and adornments to receive guests

6 de cada 10 mujeres en el Ecuador son maltratadas

Carnaval in Ecuador by thecrazyman21


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