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domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Peter Dombrovskis (2 March 1945 – 28 March 1996) Photographer

Peter Dombrovskis

Peter Dombrovskis (2 March 1945 – 28 March 1996) was an Australian photographer, known for his Tasmanian scenes. In 2003 he was inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame, the first Australian photographer to reach this milestone.


Dombrovskis was born in 1945 in a refugee camp in Wiesbaden, Germany of Latvian parents; together with his mother, migrated to Australia in 1950, and settled in Fern Tree, a suburb of Hobart. The protégé of noted wildlife photographer and activist Olegas Truchanas, his photographs of the Tasmanian Wilderness—particularly his own annual Tasmanian Wilderness Calendar and the Wilderness Calendar produced by the Tasmanian Wilderness Society—brought images of once remote and inaccessible areas of the State into the public realm. Dombrovskis founded West Wind Press in 1977 and later went on to print calendars entirely of his own work featuring incisive commentary from pre-eminent environmental professionals.
His most famous photograph was Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, which some commentators believe played a part in the victory for Bob Hawke in the 1983 federal election. The photograph portrayed a section of the Franklin River which was to be submerged by the proposed Franklin Dam and spearheaded the visual appeal of the Franklin River in the contentious 'No Dams' campaign of 1982. Dombrovskis later co-authored with Bob Brown an example of his skill in photographing the Gordon River and the Franklin River in his 1983 book, Wild Rivers.
On 28 March 1996, Dombrovskis died of a heart attack while photographing near Mount Hayes in the Western Arthurs mountain range of South West Tasmania.
His works are represented at the National Gallery of Victoria, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the Australian Heritage Commission and in private collections.

Photograph "Rock Island Bend" by Peter Dombrovskis
National Library of Australia

Peter Dombrovskis (2 marzo 1945-28 marzo 1996) è stato un fotografo australiano, noto per le sue FOTO della Tasmania. Nel 2003 è stato inserito nella Fotografia Hall of Fame, il primo fotografo australiano a raggiungere questo traguardo.

Barn Bluff by Peter Dombrovskis

Douglas Gorge by Peter Dombrovskis

Giant Kelp by Peter Dombrovskis

Cephisus Creek by Peter Dombrovskis

Halls Buttress by Peter Dombrovskis

Lake Oberon by Peter Dombrovskis

Lake Picone by Peter Dombrovskis

Little Horn by Peter Dombrovskis

Mt Hayes by Peter Dombrovskis

 Nicoles Needle by Peter Dombrovskis

Western Arthurs by Peter Dombrovskis

Myrtle Tree by Peter Dombrovskis

Pool of Siloam by Peter Dombrovskis

Tarkine Coast by Peter Dombrovskis

Walls of Jerusalem by Peter Dombrovskis

Cushion plants, Mount Anne, southwest Tasmania. photo by Peter Dombrovskis. Copyright:Liz Dombrovskis

 © Peter Dombrovskis

Weather-bleached deciduous beech, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania
Mount Gould in autumn from the Labyrinth, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania
First Spli from Lower Basin, Gordon River, Tasmania

Eroded limestone, Verandah Cliffs, lower Franklin River, Tasmania

Simply: Peter Dombrovskis

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