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sabato 17 dicembre 2016

Caniff- Steve Canyon & Summer Olsen Artist:Milton Caniff (Penciller)

Caniff- Steve Canyon & Summer Olsen

Artist:Milton Caniff (Penciller)
Single panel comic strip shows Steve Canyon arm in arm with his lady friend, Summer Olsen, walking under trees filled with cherry blossoms. Summer says, 'Just think, Steve, General Robert E. Lee planned the great campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia under such blossoms as these . . .' Steve responds, 'Begging the general's pardon, I've been thinking of another type of conquest.' Steve Canyon was the second major comic strip drawn by Milton Caniff (following the popular Terry and the Pirates). It first appeared in 1947, featuring Canyon as a returning war veteran who set up his own small airline. The strip featured a series of dynamic ladies who alternately schemed to destroy or capture the rugged hero, but Steve remained true to Summer and eventually married her. Circa 1953.

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