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sabato 2 luglio 2016

Avoid pi Adam VOID Asheville, North Carolina

Avoid pi

Adam VOID is an artist, musician and activist living in Asheville, North Carolina. VOID has worked under the pseudonym AVOID pi since 1999 and has produced numerous street works across the United States and Europe. He began his artistic career in South Carolina and in 2006 moved to Brooklyn, New York to produce graffiti on a national level. In 2007, he reintroduced fire extinguisher graffiti to Brooklyn, New York through a series of high-profile public sites. AVOID's contribution coming four years after West Coast pioneers R2 and Pac-Man. Since 2007, the art form has seen an annual increase from artists including Smells, Read More, Kidult, and KATSU among others.
Adam VOID has been cited as a seminal contributor to the Brooklyn Street Art scene, with inclusions in the group exhibitions, From The Streets of Brooklyn, Work To Do, Street Art New York, and PANTHEON.
Adam VOID was an active member of Occupy Wall Street, participating in actions and depicting the movement in street and gallery works.


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    Adam Void at C.A.V.E. Gallery

    Blank Flag



     No Justice No Peace - Now-2014

     My Songs are All Protest Songs

    The Story of America

      Forever is a Long Time

     Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    Slave Labor

      Freedom Is Not For Sale

     Freedom Is Not For Sale (install)

     An American Dream (install)


     Eternal Flame

    Private Property

      Boston Was A Setup

    More Art About Birth Than Death




     three wheels

    the line

    out of order




          Seaside - Oregon Coast

     Big Sur - CA

    Solidarity Forever

      What Else Do You Call It?

     We Have No Fear

     Slaughter of the Innocents

    Its Time 


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